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"I want to thank you for everything you have done to improve my life and health. Where I started earlier this summer felt pretty hopeless to me. Where I am now is in a much healthier and more balanced place - universes apart. You are truly gifted."    ~ Nan D., patient.  
HealthPoint Oriental Medicine is a full-service provider of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) health services.

In addition to licensed, board-certified acupuncture, HealthPoint provides expert Chinese herbal medicine, tui na, (TCM therapeutic massage), cupping and moxibusion, and Chinese dietary therapy services (see our
clinical services).  

As experts in traditional Chinese medicine, we specialize in supporting your body's own healing capabilities. Traditional Chinese medicine unlocks your body's innate capacity to heal, whether as a front-line form of treatment or as part of an integrated or interdisciplinary approach to your care.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a professional, well organized, systematic, and highly effective approach that treats not only acute and chronic pain, but also a wide range of illness and disease.
  • Watch a short video describing traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Compare traditional Chinese medicine and Western biomedicine approaches to health care.

HealthPoint treats all kinds of pain conditions.  But we also routinely treat many systemic health issues such as allergies, asthma, high blood pressure, and metabolic syndrome. We have excellent results treating both male and female infertility. And TCM has a long record of successfully supporting women's gynecological and menopausal health.

The point is, TCM naturally encourages your body's own healing response. So it is an excellent approach to supplement and strengthen your body for wellness and health prevention, as well as an exceptionally safe and effective health care intervention in the event of illness or disease.

HealthPoint acupuncturists are fully trained, nationally board certified, and licensed specifically in acupuncture and oriental medicine. We learned this medicine through years of study and practice, not through weekend seminars or adjunct training. We have provided thousands of treatments for cases both simple and complex. You can therefore be assured that you and your family will receive exceptional health services from practitioners with demonstrated skill and competency.

We are always available to help you understand how our services will benefit you and your family. Please click here to schedule an appointment, or contact us directly at 651-698-1404.

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